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We provide a full payroll service, which includes the preparation of pays, payslips, arranging direct credit schedules, electronic fund transfers, filing of PAYE returns, payments, holiday pay calculations and records and sick leave entitlements.

The cost and complexities of managing a payroll continues to grow every year.

We have found that clients are devoting more and more time and resources to this critical function and having to deal with the numerous forms and record keeping requirements.

These compliance costs are increasing and it is difficult for clients to stay on top of all the regulations and record keeping requirements.

We believe that the outsourcing of a payroll offers significant benefits to clients, which include:

  1. Eliminating the weekly payroll processing workload
  2. Eliminating the time and effort spent learning and compiling with IRD record keeping requirements
  3. Reducing the unexpected costs of maintaining computer software and hardware to process your payroll
  4. Benefit from us having a good working knowledge of ACC, WINZ and Labour Department requirements and claim forms
  5. Providing advice on setting up and maintaining Kiwi Saver obligations



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